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Tool construction

Tool construction, tool maintenance

Tool construction and tool maintenance

The construction of the injection mould is undoubtedly one of the most important sub-areas in the manufacture of plastic parts.

We adapt the tools exactly to the requirements of the plastic raw material used and the expected production quantities, in order to ensure cost-effective production. At the same time, you benefit from the long-standing expertise of our specialised toolmakers and the use of powerful CNC-controlled machines.

And when it comes to tool maintenance and cleaning of injection moulding tools, you are, again, in the best hands with us.

Werkzeugbau von Spritzgusswerkzeugen

Tool construction

Highly complex injection moulding tools

The cornerstone for a high-quality injection-moulded plastic part and compression-moulded plastic part that can withstand even the toughest of tests is laid during tool construction.

Tool construction

Our specialised toolmakers, our modern mould-making facility with CNC-controlled machines and our strong partners guarantee that your injection moulding and compression moulding tools will be made flawlessly and quickly.

Laserschweissen, Spritzgusswerkzeug Unterhalt

Tool maintenance

Laser welding

Ultraschallreinigungsanlage für Spritzgusswerkzeuge

Ultrasonic cleaning system for injection moulding tools

Tool maintenance

With us, your injection moulding and compression moulding tools are in good hands. We have a large tool store and are perfectly set up for tool maintenance and tool overhaul with short lead times.

We manufacture spare parts ourselves on modern CNC-controlled machines; the cornerstone for quick repair of your tools.

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