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1K injection moulding

Injection moulding of thermoplastic

Thermoplastic injection-moulded parts

On computer-controlled production machines with a clamping force in the range of 350 – 6,500 kN, we inject high-precision technical injection-moulded parts with a unit weight from 2 g to 3000 g using all conventional thermoplastics (except PVC) and high-performance polymers, such as PEEK and PEI, and within the narrowest tolerance range.

Our machine park currently comprises 48 injection moulding machines, which are housed in our plastics plant, whose whole concept is based on the latest findings.

We support our customers in selecting materials and find the appropriate material for the application in question and for their very specific requirements.

We process all commercial standard materials and engineering plastics.


Our machine park currently includes 48 injection moulding machines

1K to 3K (350 kN to 6500 kN)

Thermoset injection moulding

We are also your partner for thermoset injection moulding.

Pei und PEEK Kunstoffspritzgussteile

PEI and PEEK injection-moulded parts

We process high-performance polymers

High-performance polymers

We also process the high-tech materials PEEK and PEI to perfection.

Take advantage of the special properties of these high-performance polymers

  • Very high dimensional stability under heat

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • Very good resistance to hydrolysis

  • High strength and stiffness

Injection moulding put to the test

In the field of orthopaedic technology and rehabilitation, we use plastics that withstand the highest of loads.

Kunststoffadapter Thermoplast-Spritzguss

Bracket for wheelchair armrest

High-performance polymers in use

Automatisches Handling an einer Kunststoffspritzgussmaschine

Automatic handling

Efficient production

We process plastics using modern injection moulding machines.

These are also designed for automatic handling, which helps to reduce costs.

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