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Machine park

Injection moulding, compression moulding, finishing

Thermoplastic injection moulding


37 injection moulding machines

2K to 3K

8 injection moulding machines (1100 kN to 3200 kN)

Thermoset injection moulding and thermoset compression moulding

Thermoset compression moulding

5 Compression moulds for thermoset parts (500 kN to 4000 kN)

Thermoset injection moulding

3 Injection moulding machines for thermoset (500 kN)

Rectification work

Various deburring systems


US machines

4 Ultrasonic welding machines

Hot stamping

2 Hot stamping rotary table machines

CNC machining

3 CNC rotary table machining systems


2 Conditioning systems (12 and 48 hours)


A variety of other systems for screen printing, pad printing, etc.

Tool construction, repair

Tool construction

Efficient tool construction with all the necessary systems

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