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Versatile plastic solutions

We supply plastic solutions for the following sectors:

  • Power Tools

  • Electrical engineering & electronics

  • Laboratory technology

  • Cosmetics and dental health

  • Orthopaedic technology and rehabilitation

  • Household appliances | Household and consumer goods

  • Apparatus construction, mechanical engineering

  • Pump manufacturers

  • Measuring technology

  • Watch-making industry

  • Promotional items and advertising technology

  • Automotive sector

Our customers include well-known customers from Switzerland and abroad.

We would be happy to send you a reference list.

Kunststoff Power-Tool Komponenten

Power tool components

manufactured using multi-component injection moulding.

Power tools

For example, power tool components with a coloured soft-touch surface are injected on a single machine. The base body is combined with different-coloured surfaces here in one production step. The resulting hard-soft compounds combine different properties and functions.

Our expertise in the area of power tools was further expanded through the takeover of the plastics production facilities from Bosch.

Technical products

We manufacture complex technical parts made of thermoplastic and thermoset to customer specifications.

Appropriate choice of materials and careful processing and handling guarantee a high quality standard.

We have extensive experience in implementing technical products in the following industries: 

Construction industry, building technology, measurement technology

technische Kunststoffteile

Technical plastic parts

for different applications

filtergehäuse kunststoffgehäuse

Air filter housing (35 x 20 cm)

for large diesel engines, made of PA66, hybrid parts with numerous insert parts


We have many years of experience in manufacturing housings for a wide variety of industries, areas of application and requirements.

We also offer everything from a single source, from design of the housing to construction of the mould, to production, post-processing and assembly.

We manufacture parts with an area of up to 0.5 m2, a depth of 500 mm and a unit weight of 2.8 kg. We inject all plastics, including fibre-reinforced ones, and use 2K to 3K multi-component injection moulding.

Thermosetting solutions

Electric and electronic components

It is primarily thermoset that is used for plastic parts and plastic components for the electrical and electronics industry. Thermoset offers the following advantages:

  • High mechanical chemical and thermal resistance
  • Low susceptibility to default
  • Excellent electrical insulation
Duroplastlösungen für die Elektro- und Elektronikindustrie

Thermosetting solutions

for the electrical and electronics industry


Sanitary parts made of special plastics

A combination of high requirements in terms of both design and hygiene

Sanitary parts

Particularly high-quality plastics are used in the field of sanitation so that the properties of long-term use can be combined with the high requirements in terms of design and hygiene.

Water-bearing sanitary parts made of special plastics offer:

  • High resistance to stress cracking
  • Very good temperature and chemical resistance (cleaning agents)
  • High degree of lightfastness (no yellowing)
  • Hygienic properties

Home automation

In the field of building technology, our advice about materials is central.

With special plastics, the water-carrying plastic parts meet the highest requirements in terms of temperature tolerance and chemical resistance. Our plastic solutions are at the same time very efficient and help save costs.


Elbow pipe made of special plastic

Durable, robust and light

kunststoff-Kaesehaube Kunststoffteile für Dampfkochtopf

Food-safe moulded plastic parts

Heat-resistant plastic parts and transparent plastic solutions


We manufacture moulded parts and complete products for the food and household sector in perfect accord with customer requirements.

A wide variety of plastics are used, and, when choosing the material, the properties of suitability for contact with food, resistance to detergents and high temperatures, and optimal surface properties are taken into account.
We specialise particularly in parts for coffee machines and housing panelling.

Decorative parts

Packaging, advertising technology, displays

We manufacture custom packaging and displays as well as busts, stands and plinths. With our intelligent design solutions, functionality and user-friendliness are guaranteed.

In addition to optimal presentation of the product in question, our developers also take into account the required fastening systems, so as to enable hassle-free and safe transport.

Kunststoffverpackungen für Kosmetik und Uhren

Display and packaging

Eye-catching display for the POS

High-quality watch packaging

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